Focus Groups

A focus group is a discussion among a small group of people (typically 8-12) who have something in common. A moderator introduces topics of discussion, while probing and clarifying responses. While quantitative methodologies such as telephone surveys tell us the percentages who hold specific opinions, focus groups tell us what people are saying about various topics. Focus groups work very well in conjunction with a quantitative methodology, such as a telephone survey. Results from one methodology can be used to challenge or validate the findings from the other.

Focus groups are typically held in pairs, i.e. two groups with identical screening qualification requirements. As focus group facilities are typically booked for an entire evening and it is customary to hold two groups on the same evening, even numbers of focus groups are generally more cost-effective than odd numbers of focus groups. The more the participants have in common, the more productive the groups will be. Avoid the temptation to have "one of everything" or "The Village People" focus groups, as there will be insufficient commonality among participants and emergent themes may not become apparent. The single most significant driver of the cost of focus groups is the difficulty of recruiting. Groups of busy high-ranking professionals will invariably cost more than groups of a cross-section of adults, or primary grocery shoppers. Fun topics, such as sporting goods or pizza will be easier to recruit than will topics that are not fun and/or give cause for suspicion. Insurance, banking, investments, and real estate are all topics that have proven difficult for focus group recruiting. You get what you pay for in focus group recruiting. If a provider offers you a price that is significantly lower than the competition, then there is a high likelihood that some or all of the recruits will be "professional" repeat focus group participants. Robinson Research always recruits fresh participants and takes every possible precaution to ensure that they are genuinely qualified.

Robinson Research is a FocusVision® facility and has the ability to live stream your focus group on the internet. FocusVision® is the premier provider of focus group streaming technology. You can learn more about their offerings by clicking here.

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Thank you for your interest in joining our focus group database. A focus group is an informal discussion between eight to twelve individuals where you are given the opportunity to express your opinions and ideas. Most focus groups last between an hour and a half and two hours. You will always be paid for your participation, however the amount will vary by project, you will always be informed of the amount before you attend.

We will never use your information for anything other than recruiting for a focus group. We will never sell, lease, or give your information to another company.

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